Any Car can be hacked via Internet -

Any Car can be hacked via Internet

If you are driving your car and it goes out of control where you could not stop various things happening in your car like AC vents our the cold, chilling air at the maximum, changing radio channels, wiper fluid blurring out on the glass, turning on of wipers.

This is not normal; soon you will realize your car system is hacked.

In past there had been some hackers experimenting on hacking car’s controls through a software code. The experience of driving a hacked SUV vehicle through an unseen force was quite enthralling.

In last hacking event the famous hacker’s duo Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek were seen in their trademark track suits at the car’s display screen. They both were known for their car research on hacking cars system.

In last couple of years hacking car used to take place with wires that are connected with vehicle‘s diagnostic port that provide a direct access to car’s system but this is new. Wireless hacking of cars will be discussed in forthcoming Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas next month by famous Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek.

The tools which are used to hack vehicles wirelessly is a feature called U connect that converts a car into a smart phone that makes many known cars like Fiat Chrysler cars, SUVs, and trucks, controls the vehicle’s entertainment and navigation accessible by hackers with a Wi-Fi spot.

The hacking activity is beyond just transmission and dashboard tricks, it can also be used for surveillance as it can provide a GPS coordinates, measures its speed and mapped its route.

The access is possible because of some element that is vulnerable to hacking but is not disclosed, this would be unveiled at the famous Black Hack Talk. U connect provides the power of any hacker based anywhere in country to track the car’s IP address. This is a great aspect to explore as per hacker’s point of view. A lot will be discovered at the talk.

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